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It's natural for babies to be curious about the world around them. Your child will have a great need to explore and try out new experiences by touching, tasting and making a mess. At Lilliput Lane Nursery we recognise your baby needs carefully considered attention and care, and with this in mind, we have created a range of unique activities which allow babies to experiment and explore through a variety of play and sensory experiences using an assortment of exciting materials.

It's worth remembering that children grow and learn in their own way and in their own time. There is great variation as to when your child will reach a certain stage or learn a particular new skill. There are also differences between girls and boys in the rate of the development.
Our highly qualified nursery staff are trained to respond in the best way possible to baby's individual learning needs.
We place great importance on the learning environment. Safety, security and stability are our main priority. In addition, each of our rooms is small and bright with plenty of natural sunlight and offers a variety of activities enabling children to play and learn in a family friendly environment.
Babies continually learn through their senses, therefore we use treasure baskets which start to teach your baby to appreciate texture, shape, weight, sound and smell. Heuristic play offers the opportunity for exploration and discovery of everyday natural objects. The play is undisturbed so that baby and carer can develop a partnership of play. Fun time story time encourages listening, talking and concentration through telling stories in different ways and singing rhymes.
Toys in the baby unit are constantly changed throughout the day to keep the children stimulated; the staff make sure that each day all areas of development are covered. Staff will offer different activities as soon as they feel a change is required.

Throughout the year we will link these activities with "celebratory days" such as Christmas, Guy Fawkes Night and Mothering Sunday. We also celebrate festivals from other countries and cultures, particularly when children in the Nursery will be celebrating them at home.

Popular activities include:

• Treasure basket
• Floor mats
• Activity centres and frames
• Shape sorters
• Mobiles
• Push along walkers
• Touchy feely boards
• Singing, puppets
• Wooden building blocks
• Rattles, mirrors and suction toys
• Listening to music tapes
• Stories and flashcards to help develop language skills
• Outdoor walks – we have our own buggies and go out on regular walks


We continue to provide activities and experiences as in the baby room which we combine with the additional play for this age group.
Continuous Care
Within this age group, play becomes more identifiable so the emphasis is on physical activity, so at Lilliput Lane we plan our specific toddler activities for 'play with a purpose'. During this age and stage of development there are incredible and joyous physical milestones to look forward to the most amazing probably crawling to walking. By using toys such as trucks and trundle toys we can open up our big wide world for your children to safely explore and increase their physical awareness
Encouragement and praise play a significant part of the Lilliput Lane approach, as toddlers become more able to take part, we respond with focus on self-care activities as part of day to day play such as dressing up, allowing them to feed themselves, etc all essential to their growing skills.
'Messy' play, hide and seek and memory games in the nursery are introduced to start to develop exploration of space and new textures, which managed and supervised promote respect and personal choice and of course lots and lots of fun.
Learning through doing is our motto here. Hats, bags and giant boxes are just some of the objects we use to encourage imagination and creativity during playtimes with music, picture books and finger rhymes develop listening skills, rhythm and sound recognition. The environment ensures babies & toddlers can have the opportunity to rest if necessary, sleeping on comfortable sleep mats or in cots.

From the moment children arrive, there will be a real choice of activities set out with materials that vary throughout the year.

All our pre-school rooms offer a wide range of resources set out in an attractive and varied way. They will always include:
• Sand and water
• Book corner
• Role Play area
• Writing table
• Maths area
• Outdoor play
• Art and Craft section
• Construction area
• Small World toy
• Science area
• Music

Children will learn through a combination of planned activities, play and first hand experiences.
Lilliput Lane recognises the importance of providing children with the best standards of education appropriate to their age. We also recognise that every child has individual needs and their own way of learning but in their own time and pace. We place great importance on continued staff training and curriculum reviews; not only to ensure that we follow and maintain the guidelines set by the local authorities but also to make sure that we can offer a progressive range of activities and experiences which guarantee that we meet the individual needs of each child in our care. All our staff have in-depth knowledge and understanding gained through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and higher-level qualification training.

We are fully committed to working towards the early learning goals learning outcomes as specified by the School Curriculum & Assessment Authority. This means that your child will follow an individual learning programme, which will include:
• Knowledge & Understanding the World
• Mathematics
• Personal, Social & Emotional Development
• Communication, Language & Literacy
• Physical Development
• Creative Development

Our main focus is learning through creativity and play, using holistic and natural materials and activities which promote understanding and importance of our environment, bringing our children into regular contact with trees, plants, animals and other elements of the natural environment such as sand, soil, rocks and water. We also put emphasis on teaching care and concern for others, respect for cultural diversity and for ourselves.

'Messy' play, hide and seek and memory games in the nursery are introduced to start to develop exploration of space and new textures, which managed and supervised, promote respect and personal choice and of course lots and lots of fun.
Our individual programmes include:
• 'French Junior' - introduction to basic French words and phrases, specially designed for children.
• ‘Gymtots’ - based on simple fun games, which aims to develop balance, agility, co-ordination and communication.
• ‘Rainbow Stories’ - introduction to reading through discussion of books and characters reinforcing the taught curriculum.
• ‘Early Maths Circle - introduction to basic mathematical concepts e.g. numbers, patterns, shapes etc.
At Lilliput Lane, we know that children need to be constantly encouraged and stimulated, so in addition to our select programmes, children can experiment with gardening, cookery and dancing, just to name a few. We also help and encourage potty training.
We also feel that it is important for children to get out and about and learn through experience so we often plan organised outings and visits which link to the specific topics the children are learning. These visits are organised locally and include for example, the park, the zoo and museums.
Monitoring and Progress
When you join Lilliput Lane, alongside many other exciting things, your child will be given their very own observation folder, which will be used to record their development and progression in the six areas we have already introduced above. This folder will also be used by nursery staff to form the basis of useful meetings with you about your child's progress and of course you will be able to come and have a look at the folder at any time. We will also provide a personal progress report: 'my development' twice a year.

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Together, we will work to fully prepare your child for the challenges of infant school.
We provide a safe, happy, play-based environment in which your child can learn to socialise and gain independence outside the family.

We prepare children for the routines of a school day.

We encourage children to become independent, and to develop their social skills by communicating and sharing with others.

Our nursery maintains close relationships with local schools, and can provide information for parents about schools in your area.

Full and Part - Time sessions offered. Some spaces may be available in holiday periods. All photographs displayed with parents' permission
Lilliput Lane Nursery is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office under the Data Protection Act. Registration Number ZA181484.
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