March 2017 - Lilliput Lane Nursery, Child Care in Paisley

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Welcome to our March 2017 newsletter!
Upcoming Events and Celebrations

Throughout the month of March 2017, the children will have the opportunity to participate within a variety of events taking place throughout the nursery.

Science Week at Lilliput Lane
Starting the week beginning Monday 13th of March 2017, our children will have the opportunity to become budding little scientists as they take part in a week long project “British Science Week”. The theme of the week is “Change”
During the five days, staff will support the children as they explore and investigate using a variety of media and techniques. Together they will observe changing colours through a variety of sensory play, have the opportunity to get messy as they discover the changing states of gloop, and continue our science quest outdoors by exploring and investigating changes around us, such as weather and how this affects the environment. As usual we will keep you well informed and you will be able to see how our little scientists get on through use of our Facebook page, online journals and wall displays throughout the nursery!

Healthy Body, Happy Me 2017
During the last week of March 2017, Lilliput Lane will take part in a week long project called “Healthy Body, Happy Me”. The National Day Nurseries Association runs this initiative every year to highlight the importance of each individual’s health and wellbeing. Starting on Monday 27th March 2017, the children and staff will be focusing on 1 of our 5 senses each day, taking part in a variety of fun filled learning experiences which highlights the use of each sense. We will also be taking part in group discussions and using the internet to find out interesting facts about our bodies and how we can stay fit and healthy.
At the end of the week we will have a special healthy snack and also take part in a certificate presentation for all our hard work and efforts!

Online Daily Diaries
As I’m sure you will all appreciate, nursery life is very busy and both staff and children are continuously on the go, however we understand that a good number of parents like to check in on their child’s daily diaries throughout their day at work. All staff endeavour to update each individual child’s diary continuously throughout the day however, there are times where this is unable to happen due to learning experiences taking place, meal times, children sleeping and possibly dealing with an unwell/ unsettled child. On these occasions staff may not be able to upload information until later in the day, however we would like to take the opportunity to assure you that all information will be passed on verbally so as no one is leaving without the appropriate knowledge of their child’s day at nursery. All staff will ensure that daily diary information is posted before the close of business if not continuously throughout the day.

Many Thanks
Michelle Potter, Nursery Manager   
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