May 2017 - Lilliput Lane Nursery, Child Care in Paisley

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May 2017  Newsletter

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Welcome to our May 2017 newsletter!
We hope you all had a fantastic Easter break and now our sights are firmly set on the summer ahead.

Dates for Your Diary

May 2017 – Fundraising for Nursery Summer Trip - see page 4 for more details

Wednesday 24th May 2017 – Parents Evening
Staff will be speaking to you shortly to arrange appointments.

Friday 9th June 2017 – Tempest Photography
More information will be given to parents nearer the time.

Friday 23rd June 2017 – Summer Trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park.

Friday 14th July – School Leavers Graduation 2- 3pm

Room Shuffle
On Monday 1st May 2017, there were changes made to the staff within each of the 3 rooms, and the keyworker groups. This is something that the nursery does every twelve to eighteen months to ensure the continuous professional development of our staff team.
Consideration is given to each member of staff's individual achievements as well as skills and areas in which they would like to develop.
The staff have been given the opportunity to come together to discuss and ensure a smooth transition is in place for the children and that it causes minimum disruption to the children’s routine. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to speak to Anne or Michelle who are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

The new room assignments are:

• Nestlings – Lauren
• Fledglings – Ashley
• Cygnets – Gemma and Lynsey
• Swans – Paula and Danni

Parent Involvement
We are continually monitoring and evaluating the quality of our practice. During our recent team meeting staff had the opportunity to discuss the methods we use to involve you, the parents, in the life of the Nursery and also in your child’s learning and development.

At present we offer;

Learning Journals - Where would we be without them? Online observations, daily diaries and more, 24 hours a day!

Adventure Ted – Please remember if you are going on holiday/ day trip/ or just for a general sleep over Adventure Ted is ready and waiting to try something new! Ted is a very well behaved little bear, who seeks fun and adventure with the children in our care, however, he can become very lonely at night and at the weekend when the nursery is closed, so he loves to visit!

After Adventure Ted's visit, log into Learning journals, click on the blue "What I did at Home" button and tell us all about it! Upload photographs too! We love to see and hear all about what our little learners have been up to.

ParentMail – As usual we will continue to keep you updated on various matters through use of this online facility.

Parents' Evenings – Opportunity is given for you, the parents, to arrange an appointment to come and discuss your child’s development, update your All About Me forms and ask any questions you may have.

Parents' questionnaires- Here at Lilliput Lane Nursery we value the contribution of all parents and ask that you help us ensure we offer the best service possible. Filling out these forms allows us to take into account your thoughts and opinions, and areas for development.

Involvement in trips/ outings – We are always happy to accommodate parents who wish to join us on our daily outings and look for parent helpers during our larger excursions.
Going forward we are looking at new ideas to encourage your involvement and we would welcome any input you may have regarding this.

Going forward, we have some new parent involvement schemes:-

Monthly Nursery to Home worksheets – These will allow you to see in advance exactly what your child will be learning each month and will offer suggestions for how you can take this learning forward at home.

Lending Library – In the coming month we will be offering the opportunity for children to take home a book pack of their choice. This will help to involve the parents in continuing to encourage the development of early literacy skills.

Stay and Play Sessions – Our stay and play sessions will be open to parents during the summer months, offering the opportunity to spend some time with your child in the nursery environment, take part in some fun activities both indoors and outdoors, and become part of their daily routine at nursery. Thereafter we hope to continue this throughout the whole year. We do understand that the majority of parents are working, however if you have an odd day off coming up and would like to join us for a session then please feel free to let us know.

Outdoor Excursions
We are looking to provide more day excursions in addition to our summer trip.
We will notify you about these days as far as possible in advance (some will be regular, on the same day each week, and others will be one-offs). To start the season we have taken up membership for the RSPB at Lochwinnoch, each week the children will spend the day exploring the environment and participating in the forest school activities. We will rotate the day every few weeks to allow all the children an opportunity to attend the bird sanctuary and learn all about the wonderful world around them.  
Please can we remind you about the importance of providing appropriate outdoor clothing - rain coats and wellie boots (just because you never can rely on the Scottish weather) or sun cream and sunhats! All shoes should be appropriate for outdoor wear, be comfortable and most importantly safe for all terrains whether we are going to the beach or exploring a forest.

Nursery Committees
Within the nursery we have introduced a number of committees that will allow all stakeholders to become involved in the planning of the centre as we move forward in our practice. Each committee will be led by a staff member and opportunity for the children and parents to become involved will be offered. Below is a list of our committees and a little bit about them;

Eco/ Forest/ Outdoor Committee
This committee will be led by Paula (Swans' Room), who has a great deal of experience within this area. This committee will focus on a different aspect each month, which will then be introduced into all rooms and the children’s planned learning.
Together staff and the children will be able to discuss important matters such as environment, recycling, planting, outdoor excursions, outdoor learning etc. Parents can also join in, with any ideas, opinions and requests they may have. and children will have the opportunity to take ownership of their big book, providing evidence and creating mind maps of their thoughts and opinions.

Charity/ Fundraising Committee
This committee will be led by Gemma (Cygnets' room). This committee will be in charge of planning any fundraising events whether it be for the nursery itself or for outside charity events such as Children in Need.

Children’s Committee
This committee, which is led by Ashley, has been in place for the past few months and has been working well. The children have enjoyed being part of the decision making process throughout a variety of topics such as the daily routine, introducing new menus, (which is still in the planning stages) and evaluating the life of the centre.
Children feel that their contributions are valued and enjoy the ownership of their big book evidence book. All children have the opportunity to become part of this committee at some point throughout the year with regular appointment of new committee members every couple of months.

Literacy and Numeracy Champion
Our Literacy and Numeracy Champion will be Danni (Swan room). Danni will be looking at ways we challenge the children in the nursery environment with regards to early literacy and number skills. Danni will continue to research best practice, local guidelines and national schemes which will allow the children to progress their learning in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Health Committee
Our health committee will be run by Lauren and will ensure that we are continuously up to date with new health and wellbeing initiatives within our local area, and nationwide.

Summer Trip -  Blair Drummond Safari Park - Fundraising Events.
Throughout the next few weeks we will be hosting a variety of fundraising events with all funds going towards our forthcoming summer trip, remember to add the date to your diary. The team in the Cygnets and Swans room will be creating a fundraising wall display to show our progress as the funds are received and to ensure that you, the parents are kept up to date with our progress.

Football Scratch Cards – these are now available and we would really appreciate it if you would take a card and encourage friends and relatives to participate in raising funds towards the nursery by guessing the name of the winning football team and having a chance to win some of the money too.
If you take a card, we ask you to collect the money and bring it back to nursery as soon as possible, to allow us to add your collection to our fundraising total. Good Luck!

2017 Parent Questionnaire

Thank you to each and every one of you who was able to take the time to fill out our parent questionnaire. We sent out 28 questionnaires and received 21 responses, (75%). The information you provided allows us to incorporate your views and opinions into our improvement plans, as we take the nursery forward.
We have responded to some of the comments, to allow you the opportunity to see how we plan to take your views forward. This information can be found on our “How good is our early learning and childcare” wall situated above the children’s coat pegs in the hallway.

All the Best,
Full and Part - Time sessions offered. Some spaces may be available in holiday periods. All photographs displayed with parents' permission
Lilliput Lane Nursery is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office under the Data Protection Act. Registration Number ZA181484.
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